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Thread: Welcome to Beta!

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    Welcome to Beta!

    Dear Friends,

    We would like to welcome you in the Headshot Open Beta! This is the precursory stage before game goes to release state, which is designed for final testing, and allows to test servers, find bugs that escaped our sight. That also means that there could be some small flaws which could affect your game experience, but not critical ones. For better testing, every character created is going to have some amount of in-game currency which is enough for getting most of guns and items you want to try.

    We would be really glad to receive your opinions, ideas and reports which would help us make game better, which you can post on the Forum.
    If you encounter any difficulties while running the game, you could always fill a support form. And also ask in the Technical Section of forum.

    We plan to run Beta for a week or two, after it we are going to apply fixes, wipe all characters, and proceed to release stage with almost no delays with a fresh start!

    PS. Please note, before posting on the forum you need to setup your forum nickname. You can make it right after registering on the Headshot webpage: just click on the Set Forum Name option, type your nickname, press apply and you are done!

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    Hola poderia me presentear-me com uma arma ?

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