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Thread: Tutorial message wont go away!!==!!

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    Tutorial message wont go away!!==!!

    While playing a message appeared on the screen, showing tab for ranking and ~ for map, the problem is the bleeding mesage wont go away, I am using a European keyboard (with ÄÖÅ and the~ is got to through AltGr¨to work, but it wont clear the screen of this message....please any advice would be great.

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    Please try to push button which is located left from number "1" on your keyboard. I attached the picture for it.

    If it doesn't help then,iit's really hard to resolve, though i think i can suggest you one thing, but it isn't simple:
    Download Autohotkey program at and install it.
    Then download attached file fromt his mail, unzip and run it after Autohotkey is installed. Code in that file will send "~" symbol when you use mouse scroll to the up side. So just enter the game, spam TAB and then scroll the mousewheel to the up side for a few times. This should help you to get rid of that annoying help message.

    After, just uninstall Autohotkey.

    If it doesn't help, please let us know.
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    Thank you so much, downloaded the autohotkey and did as you said as your first suggestion didnt work for me, thank you for taking the time to help, it is most appreciated as I love the game and it was the only little annoyance i had with it....not including my rubbish net connection but theres nothing you can do about that lol.

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    We are happy to help!

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    Okay the message has come back again and doing what you suggested no longer works to remove it? any ideas?

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    Did you changed way you play? Launcher / Website / Facebook?

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    No everything is the same as it was, it just sudenly reappeared, have tried the remedy several times now, just will not work for some reason, I can play okay it's just annoying is all

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