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Thread: Just for fun....

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    Cool Just for fun....

    Would anyone be interested in a clan that is mainly for fun with the occasional arranged matches and participation in any future clan leagues/events? If so reply here or add me as a friend in game Scavengerx and we can speak about it. I am British living in Sweden so my main language is English and I am improving in Swedish/Svenska so these would be the only restrictions to membership is language, skill level etc not important as this is for fun only.

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    I'll join. You've been offline for 7 day's. Are you still playing?

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    X-Men searching soldiers min 10 lvl be active
    if I will tested you you can take some runk: member. or instructor or elita
    good luck! we waiting for you!
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    Carpathia*RO searching members, de preferat Romanians..

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