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Thread: How do you report suspected hackers?

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    How do you report suspected hackers?

    I was in a game earlier where I am more than sure someone had managed to bypass the built in cheat system, this is not my imagination as TBH I dont care how often I die as I play for fun not as a serious competitor, if I do well great if I don't no problem, but when in observer mode I see someone literally standing in the middle of a group of enemies and not one person shooting at them I have to ask myself one question, are they hacking or are they just great friends with the enemies and been a typical mercenary and changed sides half way through the game.....and unless they have left the play then re entered the second isnt a viable answwer..... and before anyone asks I know the player was on my team as I always check stats etc when in observer mode.

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    So many wallers last time squad "sk" 50% wallers and they say yes we are wallers

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