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Thread: talk about hackers

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    talk about hackers

    See meany players use ilegal program what now?? u not have hacktools to detecked this hackers? what now we can do it? 2 many players have tools or another wallhacks no1 in hacker is clan phoenzix 4 or 5 players us chets,what we can do ? maybe report? video?or sometning?Look how we can die when we have full bp and helmet and have 100hp one hit and headshot?? i have many players to see this and know this clan use ilegal proagram.we pay for this game and we read FQA what now ? we need play fair we wait for answer.

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    We have cheat detection tool and we working on imporoval. We are checking players regularly as well. If you sure that some players are using cheats, please make a video while in spectator mode for our analyze. As well, there is no "damage" or so on hacks in the game, as it's all server side, issue you describe could happen because of ping difference. In conclusion, i want to say again, we are working on cheat detection improval, and we will permanently BAN all cheaters.

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    I have seen players who take to many hits and still go on.. They are shooting before they can see you.. They even know exactley where to shoot .. This kind of cheating is very easy to notice .. Especialy in gun master mode..

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    I am Chinese

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    Nothing been done about hackers (HeadShot game). Too many of them now. Impossible to play anymore. Used to love this game, but now its just over the top. Mostly Wall Hack. Not sure if admins ever reading this forum, but it would be nice to know about the progress stopping hackers. It seems like Infiplay too busy making new games, but not supporting the old ones. If anybody got any information about this problem please share it, because players wants to know what's happening. The answer ''We working on it'' is not acceptable, we want to know what and when gonna be done.
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    Hi , Please send a video about the hackers.
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