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Thread: aplication go in down

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    aplication go in down

    why we have reconection server when we have 20-40 ping all programs is ok ,but headshot clos game.we have problem all time whit aplication all time is something bad.why ur game is ok like, global strike or another country games!!!!!!!!!but europe all time bad.u toleranace lagers, and europe players cant play!!!!!!!!!

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    Sorry, i hardly understand what you mean. If you play from Europe, and have lags or connection problems, please provide us with additional details:
    1. What country you are playing from
    2. How do you play - Facebook / Website / Launcher
    3. What channel and gamemode you experience problems

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    1.poland europe 2. launcher 3.all

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meis View Post
    1.poland europe 2. launcher 3.all
    Please try to play today, and say if you still have connection issues. We made some changes today, but the connection problem could happen because of your internet provider routing to the game servers. You shouldn't have that issue at all from Poland.
    Regarding new Channel - it's made for Cross Server Squad Fights

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