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Thread: Hard to find solo game player

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    Hard to find solo game player

    How can i have solo game fight i need team for it

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    You don't need to have a team to play Solo League, just press Team Match button in Solo League and wait for the queue. Right now it's pretty fast to find the game

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    I have been trying to get into a solo game fight for 30-40 min. Nothing happened
    Why is it not working??

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    This is not working because there is nothing to gain to play in solo league except some patience lol hahahahaha. There is like 1 or 2 guns only to unlock and if I remember right, they are in bronze...

    Every single guns in the game that we can buy with gp should be unlockable... It would force players to learn the game and it would result in less newbies.


    If at least we could win something, like blue crystals... Way more players would push the solo league button...

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