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Thread: Headshot Frag Masters!

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    Headshot Frag Masters!

    DATE: Saturday 02 April 2016

    Tournament conditions:

    1. Participants amount: 96 (48 places reserved for Headshot Europe (EU-1), and 48 places reserved for Headshot Russia (RU-1))
    2. Game mode: Deathmatch
    3. Time limit: 10 minutes
    4. Tournament consists of 4 stages:
    a. Stage I – 8 groups, 12 players each. Top 6 players from each group proceed to the next Stage. Stage I Map – Desert II.
    b. Stage II – 4 groups, 12 players each. Top 6 players from each group proceed to the next Stage. Stage II Map – Abandoned Factory.
    c. Stage III – 2 groups, 12 players each. Top 6 players from each group proceed to the next Stage. Stage III Map – Twilight Castle
    d. Final – Best 12 players would play on 3 maps – Drawbridge, Carnival Town, Desert II. Winners are determined by the number of frags, done on all three maps. Player with best frags/deaths ratio will be given preference in final statistics (if several players have equal amount of frags).

    1. Required Character level in game – not less than 15!
    2. Players groups assignments will be drawn by the Headshot admin team on the day of the tournament.
    3. Should any participant freeze or drop out of game, the match would not be suspended.
    4. Every participant should be present on the Raidcall tournament channel, in Headshot Frag Masters group, id 12454815 at 12.30 CEST. Players that have not reported in by 12.40 CEST will be disqualified and substituted by those present from the waiting list.
    5. Tournament referees will give you the channel name, number, name and password of the gameroom in a private message 5 minutes prior to the beginning of the match. You should immediately join the room and wait for the match to begin.

    Technical loss:
    1. Should a player be late for more than 10 minutes, he is out of the tournament. On Stage I the player is substituted by another one from the waiting list, first come, first served.
    2. In case of obscenity or obtrusive language in relation to other players or referees/judges, the player is out of the tournament, technically losing his/her match.

    Tournament timetable:
    Saturday, April 02:
    13:00 CEST: Stage I, Groups #A, B, C, D games
    13:45 CEST: Stage I, Groups #E, F, G, H games
    14:30 CEST: Stage II, Winners of groups #AB, CD, EF, GH games
    15:15 CEST: Stage III, Winners of groups #ABCD и EFGH games
    16:00 CEST: Final, 12 top players, 3 maps in a row.

    1st Place: 500 gold + items for 30 days – AK47 Gold, Jane and Devona, Bulletproof Vest, Helmet, Rifle Magazine.
    2nd Place: 250 gold + items for 15 days – M4A1 Gold, Jane and Devona, Bulletproof Vest, Helmet, Rifle Magazine.
    3rd Place: 150 gold + items for 10 days – SCAR Gold, Jane and Devona, Bulletproof Vest, Helmet, Rifle Magazine.
    4th Place: 100 gold + items for 7 days – Jackhammer, Angel and Alice, Bulletproof Vest, Helmet, Shotgun Magazine.
    5th Place: 75 gold + items for 7 days – MG3 Inferno, Angel and Alice, Bulletproof Vest, Helmet, Machine Gun Magazine.
    6th Place: 50 gold + items for 7 days – АК12, Angel and Alice, Bulletproof Vest, Helmet, Rifle Magazine.

    You can follow it on the official Headshot channel:

    Tournament brackets:

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    Before registration please CAREFULLY read the terms of participation. It is not our last tournament to be held, so please be sure to be able to comply with all the terms stated below. Do not be the spoil sport!

    1. Be sure to be able to play at the scheduled time. You must be ready to be online from 12.30 to 17.00 CEST.
    2. We need feedback from each player as the tournament is held online.

    1. Every participant MUST install Raidcall program ( (YOU CAN ALSO DOWNLOAD IT THERE:
    2. Run the program after installation and join group 12454815
    3. Create your login in the group - ONE AND THE SAME with your character name in the game
    4. Join the channel with the name of YOUR stage group (will be specified in the tournament brackets)
    5. All players conversations, room announcements, giving out of passwords will take place in this channel. Every participant MUST be present there, starting from 12.30 CEST till the end of the tournament, or participant’s loss.
    6. It is highly recommended to install the program BEFOREHAND and join the given channel, to be able to test it. Should you need any help with installation, you can always contact us by sending private message to admin in Facebook or there.

    Registration form:
    Character name in the game, character level

    Good luck!

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    Registered players:
    1. DedektifEu
    2. McNab
    3. Nekotamo
    4. War`chief`
    5. khaledjazzar
    6. j0van
    8. Mr.Rektor
    9. GoodKing
    10. Dr3ed
    11. BAnini
    12. [VIP]Jhomzkie
    13. *tuwawikz*
    14. PetFoot
    15. Lt.EmperoR
    16. NightHawk
    17. AritoCarp
    18. GremmeR
    19. Juls
    20. tiong121
    21. kac470
    22. TWICE
    23. ZpBeat
    24. sniperAk
    25. Drewniak
    26. NoNameBoys
    27. DiegoSpiric
    28. Illusio
    29. rastaparay
    30. BulletTr4in
    31. IvorySpeed
    32. kirile
    33. ManiacKiller
    34. OneShaman
    35. juliano
    36. Richard.h
    37. QuaZu
    38. martincolak
    39. OliverQueenn
    40. xDlGeniuslDx
    41. GeneralVnZL
    42. ESTAFA
    43. Daaeesh
    44. LuisEnrique1
    45. micikacupa
    46. *=Meis=*

    Queue list:

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    Name : DedektifEu Level:54

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    damn level 54 i have to grind i'm only level 13

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    Name: McNab
    Level: 50

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    Name: Nekotamo
    Level: 41

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    NAME: War`chief` LEVEL; 32 (for now);d

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    Name: j0van
    Level: 40

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