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    Talk apllication

    Hei, can I talk with the team in Bomb mode, and what the application?

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    There is no built-in function for in-game talking, but there is a lot of programs which can be used for that like:

    1. Raidcall
    2. Ventrilo
    3. Mumble
    4. Teamspeak
    5. Skype

    It depends from a team which one they prefer to use.

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    Thanks for reply Mikolah.
    You are a good person because you pay attention for your game.
    I appreciate that.

    One more I wanna ask Mikola.
    I have problem with PING
    Yesterday, I played I just have PING between 100-150, I think that's great for game.
    But today, and many day I got PING until 200 and more, that's make me so LAG and SLOW.
    How can I fixed that? or admin can change my server close with my country in Indonesia?

    Best regard
    Your addict game from Indonesia

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