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Thread: Have problem with PING

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    Have problem with PING

    I have problem with PING
    Yesterday, I played I just have PING between 100-150, I think that's great for the game.
    But today, and many day I got PING until 200 and more, that's make me so LAG and SLOW.
    How can I fixed that? or admin can change my server close with my country in Indonesia?

    Best regard
    Your addict game from Indonesia

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    Unfortunately, as we stated a lot of times before, Headshot is game for European region. We couldn't change that for now. That means that all servers are located in Europe, and we can't do anything to distance related issues with connection. It's pretty clear that it's not possible to have good and stable connection from Asia or South America to servers which are located in Europe. If we will have any plans to expand servers for Asian players, we will announce it for sure!

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    I know this is not the right place for this but you need to look in to Solo League it dying i havent played solo league for 2-3 weeks no one is interested is such a pity ..

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    It would be improved after few updates Jovan, don't worry

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    Hi , not all players knows what Solo league is.
    If they know it , they will play it.
    Join the game now -->

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