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Thread: random ban?

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    random ban?


    I've been playing this browser game this couple of days and today all of a sudden I've logged to get the message that I was banned. But not stating the reason for the ban.

    I am a normal player and I would like a clear reason for the ban. And since the support page is not working I had to write here.

    This is my in game nick. Ban states only 6367d6 days of ban

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    1. Can you tell me how support page is not working?
    2. We issue bans for people who detected in using of forbidden programs which provides unfair advantage in the game (cheats).

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    Report button was not working. I've tried again now , also posting a screenshot of the message.

    I understand why you issue bans, I do not understand why I was banned. For me its a bit of a overreaact to try and cheat on a browser game. I casually play at work on my nightshifts )

    But since I got to lvl 14 or something, I won't start a new char just for the sake of it.

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