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    Anyone else experience a lack of vertical jump? I see players able to jump onto objects that no matter how I try I am not able. Or I get into one of the "pits" on the map A. Factory I cannot get out except by dying.

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    So no one else has this problem? I jump only about 75% as high as other players. Sucks to be me then.

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    You have to press twice to Space and it jumps higher

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    Or press jump and crouch right after

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    Crouching right after works. Thanks Mikolah.

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    There's certain jumps that I'm never able to make, even though a lot of other people can. One in particular is jumping onto the sign in the Amusement Park. I'm at Level 39 and I've never done it. Anyone have any tips?

    Also, in the Mutation Site, I see people managing to ride the beam in larger and larger circles until they get some very long jumps. How is this accomplished?

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