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Thread: DestrockQc's list of suggestions :

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    DestrockQc's list of suggestions :

    Hi, I love giving my 5 cents for the games I love the most.

    Instead of wasting my time giving my suggestions inside 15 threads, I always prefer grouping them all inside a single thread and edit/adding stuff time to time.

    If my suggestions need details, don't be shy to ask for them...

    1. Capture the flag as in the "now" dead game called Combat arm (which is now laggy as hell and full of hackers) would be nice. Combat arm was my favourite game in the time there were no hackers and I was playing with 1-15 ping instead of 150. I was always playing in capture the flag 22/24 and the clan matches were in capture the flag. The capture the flag modes is full of teamplay, fast packed action and fun. I hope seeing this in Headshot 1 day.

    2. The solo queue : Every single guns in the game that we can buy with gp should be unlockable by playing solo queue... It would force players to learn the game and it would result in less newbies.


    If at least we could win something, like blue crystals... Way more players would push the solo league button...

    3. Your gold cost with real money is too high. I don't know if you sell them easily but... 10.50$CAN just to buy the ar15-s at 300 gold is the max I will ever pay in 1 or 2 months (I need money for now lol). So I'll never buy anything else... Don't forget that even if I don't pay, every online games need good and active players to make the community and the game playable and fun. The day me and other players will be sick of always playing with the same guns, we will go play another game and turn the page. Maybe you could add a lot more weapon, and make them permanent at around 5$ each. I'm pretty sure you will make more cash in the long run. Also, if we could buy them with gp... Like, the normal guns cost around 25-50k gp each, you could put them at 100k or 150k gp. That way, we won't pay, but we will play your game a lot and become even more addict because we will have something to achieve. And this is anti sport and a little pay 2 win to let the riches buy more magazine, helmet, vest and nade... If we could buy them with gp...

    4. Be able to buy a(2) female character with gp on both side...

    5. This is important to add more weapons in smg pistol snipe and knive. We should have minimum 3-4 choices in each category of weapons.

    6. Well, when I registered on the website with the same email I use on facebook, it erased my account... meh !? I had to make a new one but DestrockQc still exist. I sent a mail to the staff, I hope they will fix this omfg. You guys should fix this. The website should recognize our account when we register with the same email...

    7. Nobody play in the newbie channel. Make it lv 10 and less with +25% xp and +25% gp ?

    8. The anti camp invulnerable system seem to be set at 3 sec. It should be 2 or better 1. Only newbies die in their spawn. It would force them to learn the game and stop being afk while playing AND stop smoking lol.

    9. I don't know if all real cash guns are op but the AR15-S is op for real. That's better than a scar lv 24. You should consider nerfing it... I didnt buy the m4a1-A because it lack accuracy so I guess the mobility and the dmg should be reduced to make the guns different each others. This is a headshot machine anyway, it doesn't need that much damage.
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    10. The gun master mode should be without the anti spawn and if you could make the spawning location like in counter-strike it would be nice because right now we spawn at 1 meter of someone else reloading its gun PLUS we spawn invinsible... This is cheap and unfair.

    11. Gun master stats (in "data") would be nice.

    12. From the friend list, the "join" should be yellow if we cannot join the room.

    13. The chat channel should save inside and outside a game, always.

    14. We cant play headshot full screen with facebook arcade and we cant use our gaming mouse bind buttons with your headshot official launcher... So I'll stick to firefox 32 bits (sigh).

    15. I have the same ping inside the server alpha and inside the server russia vs the world so why not merge them both and save us time while searching a game ?

    16. Be able to try a weapon during 1 hour for like 1000 gp would help su save a couple thousands.

    17. When a host leave a game, the new host should be the oldest player of the game. It should not give the host to some random nobody. They are often afk and/or kick the good players because they think they hack...

    18. It should be A LOT easier to win permanant guns. The yellow crystals right now are pure joke. Like, I'll have to checkin every single weekends during 19 years and then I'll have 1 chance on 16 to enter the super golden armory. Are you fucking kidding me !? The blue crystal are "possible" for no life people playing the game day long but this is pretty too hard anyway, especialy for a little facebook game.

    19. The game should autokick people who has a ping of 200+ during 10 sec. And I'm generous because this is a facebook game lol. Otherwise I would say 100, maybe big max 150. They fucking teleport everywhere, we cant kill them, they gain the advantage that's ridiculous.

    20. We need a votekick. The host should not be able to kick others just because they are too good and the community should be able to kick the afker and laggers.

    21. By winning a game, having mvp/ace, knife kills, nade kills, we should receive some blue and/or yellow crystals. Understand this is extremely important. Don't try making a lot of cash as fast as you can. The more the game will be free to play, the more you will gain players playing your game and the more players you will have, the easier you will sell stuff. If we have nothing to gain but to lose our time by playing your game, we wil go play league of legends or path of exile...

    22. Some achievements could give us something to do. Like "kill 100" "kill 1000" "kill 10 000" "kill 100 000 ennemies" 1 10 100 1000 blue crystals rewarded. Boom, now people would play.

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    I would like to be able to invite players that are in other squads into my squad.. And i would like to be able to see the members of a certain squad without having to be myself a member of that squad..

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    Solo league does not work.. Nobody plays there...

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