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    This is a topic for Rangers!
    Do you want to have additional combat pet? Do you like to puncture your victims with deadly arrows from the places where they can never reach you? Ranger's poisons and control abilities make you unreachable for enemies. Unique ability Sneaking helps you successfully attack enemies without being seen.
    Combo idea: Root your target with Tainted Thorns, use Shock Arrow to prevent him of using any of abilities and apply Deadly Venom to deal 2x damage at same time!
    Want to share your personal Combo’s? Tell us!
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    I've been doing this combo for a little while, little did I know there'd have been a forum post for it. I always make sure to use:

    - Tainted Thorns
    - Paralyzing Arrow
    - Shock Arrow
    - Treant
    - Sneaking

    They can never touch me if I play it right, while still being able to attack and deal poison to them. It's useful to beat higher powers like this.

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