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    This is a topic for Mages!
    Mages are powerful casters, masters of Arcane arts. By using devastating spells on enemies, Mages can send them into oblivion with ease. It is hard to play Mage as you should always stay as far from your foes as you can, and use your control abilities to prevent them from getting to you. Mage unique ability, Separation, allows him summon 4 illusive phantoms that can disorientate and confuse his opponent.
    Combo idea: Use Fire Burst on the stunned target to deal double damage and fry thunderstruck opponent with Firestorm. Afterwards slow him down with Frostbolt. In case your prey is still moving, freeze it using Ice Storm and summon Phantoms to finish it.
    Have some hints for other players to use? Share them!
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