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Thread: Character systems!

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    Character systems!

    It is time to discuss various improvement possibilities that make your hero more powerful and unique. Right now there are 7 character systems in the game: Mount, Pet, Wings, Costume, Relic, War Soul and Artifact. As you level up all of them will be unlocked one after another. One of the best ways to increase your power is ranking up in these character systems, and for that you need upgrade stones. The higher Rank your system has, the more upgrade stones to improve you will need. Once you reach Rank 3 your upgrade progress will be reset every 24 hours, so we urge you to accumulate enough stones for improvement beforehand. For the moment each system feature has 10 ranks. Each system has own unique skills and as you improve them your power grows too. Also all systems have 4 slots for upgrade items each (which you can get by killing World Bosses, or via different in-game bonuses).
    We hope, this small introduction would help you on your way to gain Power. Keep in mind there are many other ways to world domination
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