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    Question Level 80

    I've been level 80 for a couple of days and am wondering a few things. I also have several other concerns that I would like to have addressed.

    1. When are we getting the level 80 Hero Expedition section?
    2. When are we getting the guild instances so we can earn purple star items to increase the star level of our weapons and accessories at 70+ (Archmage Staff,necklace, ring etc)?
    3. When are we getting a higher level Tower? Right now it's level 56 Iron tower. Maybe add a silver tower for L70? Gold for L85, Platinum for L100. Can we get hard mode? Infernal?
    4. Infernal mode in general. This would be nice to be an option to select.
    5. Adv. Gear Stones. At +15 an item no longer needs regular gear stones. So at a point they will become 100% entirely useless. When can we expect content that allows us to farm these without needing to buy them for B. Diamonds? This is only reasonable. Perhaps a recipe to turn regular gear stones into Adv. stones via synthesis.
    6. Key drops. Everyone's wondering why oh why everything only drops silver keys. Silver keys are for level 50 content. The level 80 monsters in the Dark Sea should be dropping gold keys for the medium lottery (or else why have an option to use gold keys?) The same can be said for the L80 cloud city's level 90 monsters. Why do they STILL drop silver keys when they should be dropping platinum?

    Monsters are supposed to drop higher level things when they are higher level. Right now everything in the game all drops the same stuff. There is no progression. If you want to keep players long term you need to add scaling rewards from monster farming. +10 vigor potions dropping from level 90 monsters is unacceptable. Monsters not dropping the appropriate keys is also unacceptable.

    Thank you for your time.
    -Veltara, USW1 - Malory: 1,138,000 PWR
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    1.13mill power how much did u pay into game

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    Quote Originally Posted by Аноним View Post
    1.13mill power how much did u pay into game
    That would be an amount of exactly $Non,eof,you,rbu,sin,ess

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