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Thread: Wild and Elite Bosses

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    Angry Wild and Elite Bosses

    Here's a thought for you... If you want to continue to cultivate NEW players to your game, consider bringing back the spawn of wild and elite bosses in the stone forest cross area. We dont need you to list spawn times for them in the boss panel for us. Many stronger players hunt and take these stronger bosses, leaving the newer or lesser powered player without the same chance. Whats the harm of letting the old stone forest ones just spawn?

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    Game is designed that way, that it's much better for a new players to start on new servers.

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    there arent always new servers up. You join the latest server available - which often times has been up long enough for you to lag behind many many players. Which leads to the strongest getting stronger, and the weakest and the new not progressing, or barely getting by at a snails pace. But then again, the whole point of these games is a quick cash and grab. Rob people of their money, wait a few weeks, merge servers, then open a new server, starting process all over again. Russians following chinese game developers leads... cash and grab money cow games. Plain and simple. They dont care about the player base, just that they raking in the money.

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    This isn't true, as we care about players, and we trying a lot to make the game better for players in many terms with each update.
    If it was this way as you told, we would be opening new servers on daily basis without fixing issues players are facing first.

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    Closing this thread.

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