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Thread: Hells Gate

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    Question Hells Gate

    Anyone get further than the 3rd mob in hells gate? We can not seem to bring down the death angel. Any suggestions or tips would be soooooo appreciated.

    Leader Raven USW1

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    Try to kill small mobs as soon as they spawned, since they are healing the boss.

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    We figured that out but the Death Angel always resets back to 100% before we can get all the small mobs. Thx Mikolah

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    Normal Hell's Gate needs to be nerfed by an easy 25% (Mob/Boss HP and Dmg reduction). For powered guilds not being able to make it past the 3rd mob pack is rather ridiculous. Let Hard mode be hard and Infernal be extreme. But give us more than a couple stones per run.

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    We are taking a look into Hell`s Gate since it's low popularity.
    3rd Boss also restores it`s HP once player is dying, please note that.
    We will also add additional source for stones except of Hell`s Gate.

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    Mikolah , can you explain the mecanic of that 3rd boss.. we have all guild there and when he get to 95% max he go to 100% full hp again. its a bug our we doing something rong?

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    Sorry for late reply.
    Little mobs around heals the boss. They should be targeted and killed asap as soon as they spawn. Also if player is dying near the boss, he can restore his HP.

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    Kill the Blood Angels that spawn as fast as possible. Keep most of your group dps on the Boss while doing this. Once you kill the boss once or twice, you will eventually get him down with no hassles every day Hells Gate is on.

    My only gripe is the reward system for so much time and effort in killing these bosses is pretty poor in return.

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