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Thread: Advanced Keys for Maid system

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    Advanced Keys for Maid system

    Can you tell me when the Adv. and Top Lollipops are able to be used on the maid system and which one is able to use them? Sorry for the error saying keys instead of Lollipops
    Thank you
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    Really it has been 3 days and no reply? I am sure you can see where you can synthesize to get the adv. and Top lollipops. I am asking when can you use these and also. I accidently bought 13 of the med. lollipops not knowing I couldn't use them and have to wait till lvl 30 or so to use. Why can't they have a way to break them down ?

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    Sorry for late reply. Those items are required to increase Maid Growth level after some point, for Med it's level 16.

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