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Thread: Needs attention fast plz

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    Needs attention fast plz

    Firstly..the 100 glyph scrolls cannot be used....people like myself have a few...but they not seem to be activated..cant equip....second...the 100 world bosses are dropping level 90 scrolls and 90 gear only...not 100 scrolls or any better gear we get from the 90 bosses...thirdly...there is no synth option for the hundreds of lev 90 stars we have left from 90 gear...a synth option to synth to 100 stars would be nice as the other levels did...fourth ..there is things like light elf hearts which cannot be uses...wen u go to use them you cannot..there is not option for this...i have posted on facebook page a few times but no answer..these r major things that need sorted plz as soon as...thanks for your time....ginger//flamesoul
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