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Thread: Game update #20

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    Game update #20

    Dear Friends!
    Game update is coming on 12th of January. Estimated downtime:
    11:00-14:00 CEST, 02:00-05:00 PT, 05:00-07:00 ET.
    Patch notes for game update #20:
    1. Egg Smash event is starting and will last for three weeks.
    2. Shield Miracles ranking event is starting and will last for three weeks. Based on your Shield Miracles level, you are able to claim special rewards.
    3. Earth Glyph purification event. Based on your Earth Glyph purification level, you are able to claim additional rewards, including up to 4 unique titles! Would last from 12.01 to 01.02 (including).
    4. Fire Elf is available once again in Elf Pattern event. You can strongly increase damage of Fire Elf skills, as well as your power. You have to be lucky and draw 5 Fire symbols to get EXP in that system. Elf Pattern stones are required for a refresh.
    5. Enhancement event is enabled and would last until 01.02 (including). Enhance your gear bonus stats to the best value (10*) in Enhancement interface, claim unique titles and other excellent rewards!
    6. Spendings event is starting on 12.01 and would last until 01.02. Based on your personal spendings, you would be able to claim additional rewards.
    7. Spendings Ranking event is starting on 15.01 and will end on 17.01.
    8. Recharge Ranking event is starting on 12.01 and will end on 14.01.
    We also ask to clear your cache once update is completed. We will also purge cached CDN resources, so loading within first few hours might be slower than usual.
    See you in game!

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    Game is not recording spending

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    Is this the part of the update the crashing? Can we get a timetable when it's going to happen? So i dont have to spend dimonds on instances. I think i need to to get 6 instances dimonds back.

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