If you recruited some heroes which match one another, you will receive additional stats. You can view the combinations of heroes, activate it, and see all heroes in the «Handbook».

In the page «Handbook» you can view list of the all heroes. Recruited heroes are displaying with colored icon, if hero still isn’t recruited — with gray icon. Choose the section «Tavern» to see the heroes which can be recruited in the tavern, or «Events» — to see the heroes which can be recruited only in the events.

Let’s check the page «Combination» to see the possible bonuses from heroes combinations.

Click the combination name on the left side to view which heroes you need have to activate it and which bonuses you can receive.

The more powerful the required heroes, the higher the bonus. For example, for the combination «Beauty Twins» with Arcane Witch and Kitsune you can receive only 1500 BR, when for the combination «Tough Guys» with Spartan, Taneth, The Howl and Frost Predator you can receive 15000 BR.