Dear players! Grand recharge event is coming to Dragon Knight world: recharge since September 14th to September 17th and get a chance to win the unique rewards!

Only now you can won mighty Red Pegasus talent card! Don't miss your chance!

How to join: recharge $19.99, $49.99 or $99.99 pack. The more balens you will buy, the higher reward you will able to win!

Prizes: mount "Fire and Ice" for $19.99 (5 prizes), random red astral for $49.99 with full 11 level gems kit (5 prizes), red Pegasus talent card (5 prizes). Each prize will be sent to random player from all player which completed joining condition.

Also, a special prize will get player which recharge more than other players: powerful gems, fashion set and astrals. But which same artifacts will collect this player? You will know it after event finishing

Best regards,
Dragon Knight Team